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Podcast DXDecember 4, 2023

mRNA Vaccines

Business of BiotechDecember 4, 2023

mRNA Vaccine Platforms With Combined Therapeutics’ Dr. Romain Micol

Combined Therapeutics President & CEO Dr. Romain Micol is operating his company in a very noisy space, where hundreds of new biotechs have popped up on the coattails of a COVID-driven renewal of interest in mRNA vaccines. Micol recognizes that noise and the competition it brings for capital and mindshare. He’s not only aware of it — he welcomes it. On this quick episode of the Business of Biotech podcast, Micol shares the unique approach Combined Tx is taking to distinguishing itself in the mRNA infectious disease and cancer vaccine space, from the delivery, safety, efficacy,…

Life Science LeaderDecember 1, 2023

Defining A Competitive Next-Gen RNA Therapeutic In 2024

In the broader advanced therapies space, going from zero to millions of patients in a short period of time is a commercial dynamic we have yet to encounter. Thanks to the myriad scientific and technical hurdles in making cell and gene therapies, we’ve had to start small and incrementally plan for greater access and larger patient populations much farther down the…

Vial First in Human / Simon BurnsJune 6, 2023

First in Human Episode #36 featuring Romain Micol