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Our Technology

Our Platform- Multi Organ Protection (MOPCTx) Platform

Combined Therapeutics’ platform, MOPCTx, is comprised of a modified mRNA encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle. The UTR region of the mRNA is modified to contain miRNA binding sequences. Due to the differential expression of miRNA in different cells and tissues in the body, our platform, as an example for vaccine applications, can be targeted to express the antigen preferentially at the site of injection, while protecting key vital organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys.

The UTR region can be modified depending on the medical application (vaccine, cancer therapeutic) and route of administration.

Our Approach – Molecular Adjuvantation

What are cytokines?

Cytokines are endogenous signaling proteins that are part of the immune system. They provide the cells with instructions that are integral in helping the body respond to an infection and launch an appropriate immune response. For example, IL-12 is a cytokine secreted by antigen presenting cells that allows for the recruitment, activation, and proliferation of specific immune cells, making IL-12 a key factor in successfully mounting an adaptive immune response during vaccination.

Combined Tx’s approach is to co-administer IL-12 mRNA with an antigen, to improve the vaccine response, otherwise known as molecular adjuvantation.



Our platform and unique approach can be used to adjuvant any mRNA-based vaccine to prevent infectious diseases or to treat cancer.

In certain vulnerable populations, such as the elderly or immunocompromised individuals, the ability to produce IL-12 is impaired, which greatly compromises vaccines effectiveness. For these patients, molecular adjuvantation is a game changer in developing effective prophylactic vaccines against infectious diseases as well as therapeutic cancer vaccines. The ability of MOPCTx to specifically target the antigen(s) and cytokine production at the site of injection allows for a focused immune response reducing off-target effects and overall improving the safety of the vaccine.

Advantages of Molecular Adjuvantation of Vaccines with MOPCTx:

  • Lower the vaccine dose, (can be used for monovalent and multivalent vaccines) 
  • Improve efficacy in vulnerable populations
  • Strengthen and lengthen vaccine durability
  • Enhance cell mediated immunity
  • Restrict the expression of the cytokine to targeted tissues

Anti-Cancer Combination Therapies

Molecular adjuvantion with Immunotherapies

The human body has not proven to be adept at inducing effective immune responses against solid tumors. This is due to the multiple ways that solid tumors have evolved to evade our immune system. Furthermore, solid tumors often do not respond to typical immunotherapeutic treatments due to the inability to induce an efficient immune response in the tumor microenvironment. This therapeutic challenge can be solved with specific cytokines and the MOPCTx platform. For instance, the pro-inflammatory properties of IL-12 can restore and enhance the immune system function making immunotherapies, when given in combination, more effective. This response is necessary to ensure effective and long-lasting treatment effects against the disease.

MOPCTx can revolutionize the way solid tumors and cancer are treated.

With the MOPCTx platform, the adjuvant production is not systemic but instead is targeted to the tumor cells, turning the tumor surrounding into an immunocompetent environment and improving otherwise ineffective immunotherapies.

  • Protect: MOPCTx can target the adjuvant expression to specific tumoral cells while protecting other healthy organs and tissue. This allows the product to be delivered systemically (via intravenous infusion) while minimizing off target effects
  • Sensitize & Boost: Adjuvantation with MOPCTx can sensitize solid tumors to immunotherapeutic regimens, such as virotherapyCAR T-cell therapy, and immune checkpoint inhibitors, and thus enhance their efficacies when used in combination therapies.