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Our disruptive innovation: a double targeting platform for immunotherapy


Combined Therapeutics Inc. (CTx) is a pre-clinical-stage biotech in the game-changing segment of cancer research that is immunotherapy. The company is converging nanomedicine and biotechnology to enhance the tumoral cells and the tumoral microenvironment targeting. Combined Therapeutics Inc. (or CTx) is an immuno-oncology spin-out of the highly successful and entrepreneurial Langer-Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The first word of our name “Combined” emanates from the fact that we combine our technology with existing immuno-oncology products for a breakthrough in immunotherapy and better patients healthcare.


Romain Micol: MD, MPH, PhD, MBA

Entrepreneur and affiliated to six famous universities (MIT in US, LSE in UK, Paris VI, Paris V, Paris Dauphine in France and Global LBS in UK). After having set-up the first reference center for primary immunodeficiency in France in 2005, Romain joined Institut Mérieux group in 2008. He holds several positions accross the group: ABlinc (USA), Shantha Biotechnics (India), Transgene (China and France).

Robert Langer: PhD

MIT Institute professor (the highest honor that can be awarded to a faculty member), expert in biotechnology and engineering. He has over 1,130 issued and pending patents worldwide. He served as Chairman of the FDA’s SCIENCE BOARD (it’s highest advisory board) from 1999-2002 . In 2015, Dr. Langer received the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, the world’s largest engineering prize. He has also received the Charles Stark Draper Prize (sometimes referred to as the engineering Nobel Prize).

Dan Anderson: PhD

MIT professor, expert in Nano-based Drugs, Cancer Immunology. His work has led to the first methods rapid synthesis, formulation, analysis, and biological evaluation of large libraries of biomaterials for use in medical devices, cell therapy and drug delivery. In particular, the advanced drug delivery systems he has developed provide new methods for nanoparticulate drug delivery.

Pierre Matussière: HEC Business School

Pierre has worked until 2017 in the Capital Markets divisions of Société Générale, Citigroup and BNP Paribas. During those years, Pierre's focus was on the sales and marketing of structured products, mainly in the credit space. Since 2017, Pierre has become an active private investor, involved in both public and private markets. From listed stock picking to private equity transactions spanning across sectors like residential and commercial properties, the hospitality business and more recently Biotechs.

Justine Ryan: MBA at Hult Business School

Justine Ryan is a Managing Director, Energy Equity Investments Europe for GE Energy Financial Services, based in London’s HQ for GE Capital. She is responsible for originating and delivering of multimillion equity investments across the energy spectrum and capital structures. Prior to joining EFS, Justine worked for SSE (FTSE 100), one of the UK largest utilities company, as the Head of Business Development UK & Ireland where she was responsible for end to end management of complex, high value acquisitions, disposals and JV strategy.  She has over 15 years of experience in the energy and investment sector and has held various senior management roles within GE, SSE and Airtricity in strategy, M&A, business and project development.

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